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The range of services provided by the company to prospective students is second to none in the Nigerian market. They are:

  • Career counselling and advice on foreign education;
    Processing of admissions into foreign schools for A/levels programme, Foundational Courses, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, professional courses eg. (ACCA, CIMA), and Nursing Courses;
    Pre-interview briefing for students invited for interview at the Embassy;
    Advice on relevant documentation for visa application;
    In case of refusal of visa, we give advice on the current administrative review process introduced under the Point based system (Uk).
    Where we take the view that administrative review process will not be successful, we can advise on re-application.
    Successful Students are given pre- departure briefing.
    We also help students in accomodation and airport pick-up.
    We also have UK base immigration lawyer who help our student with immigration advise and Appeal case over there.
    Vocational Courses, first degree, Masters and Research programme ( Phd)
    Summer Vacation course Overseas
    Excutive traning programme abroad
    Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSPM)